Technical writing

I do lots of freelance writing about tech, industry and other ‘dry’ subjects that many freelance copywriters don’t cover.

I thoroughly enjoy researching and writing about everything from cybercrime to ballistics to PPE, and have done since 2013. I have no idea why I relish the geeky stuff so much, I’m actually pretty normal 🙂

I write whitepapers, how-to guides, thought leadership articles, case studies, web content, sales and marketing collateral, product documentation, blog posts and social media content on sectors like:

Software and hardware: I have a particular interest in data protection/GDPR, security, cybersecurity and biometrics but also cover gaming, OS developments, consumer trends, UI/UX and pretty much everything in between.

Specialist sectors including: health (I have extensive experience in NHS communications and medical publishing), civil engineering/construction, oil and gas, banking and finance, automotive, metallurgy, green energies, novel materials and much more.