Editing, copy editing and proofreading (for authors/writers)

If you’re an author/writer who wants to make your work the best it can be, please get in touch

If you’re not particularly bothered about quality but have always wanted to be an author and see your name in print, then fair enough and good luck, but you probably need to work with somebody else.

I’m really not as scary as that might make me sound, but when it comes to editorial I am all about the quality and producing good work. So if that sounds like you, too, please get in touch and see if you think we’re a good fit. I can provide development editing, sensitivity reading (and then developmental editing in light of that), copy editing, proofreading and/or any combination of these.

I believe strongly in a collaborative work process (you are the author, after all) and I’m not dictatorial. I understanding the standards and requirements of professional publishing, which you may find useful. And if you’re unsure what any of the terms used here mean (and trust me, you won’t be alone in that) then please call or e-mail and we can talk them through.

Please note that while I also work directly for and with publishing houses, I do not introduce authors to publishers or vice versa. But if you take a pride in your writing and want it to shine, give me a call on 01442 251345.