I do lots of copywriting, it’s my most popular service.

Of course, part of that is natural talent and well-honed skill – I have been a freelance copywriter for a good few years now 🙂 . But it’s also because, having worked in academic publishing and agency PR in the past, and with some very specialist and intelligent clients now, I’m serious about my research. All of my work comes with solid understanding, depth and good sources.

I write for businesses and publishers (my book blurbs are legendary 🙂 ) and for PR, marketing and advertising agencies. Having worked client- and agency-side myself, so I know that sometimes it can take a while to decide on the final shape or focus of a project. With that in mind, I include all amends and re-writes in my original price, as long as these remain within the scope of the original brief. 

I am asked to write a lot about software, AI and other future-shaping technologies, healthcare (I have a strong background in health PR and marketing) and industrial/technical subjects from metallurgy to civil engineering to ballistics.

So, if you want to add clarity and appeal to a fairly dry or niche subject, we should talk.

I don’t think there’s a format I haven’t written in, but I am most frequently asked to produce articles for trade and consumer titles, whitepapers, thought leadership, how-to guides, product documentation, blog and social media posts, brochures and marketing collateral, presentations and press releases.

Interested? Please get in touch: e-mail, tel: 01442 251345.